refractory materials kiln control systemsOn-demand production is our production purposes.

Our Factory is mainly produce Silicon Carbide and Cordierite Mullite refractory materials, All kiln furniture can be used in high-temperature ,which from 900 to1500℃, kiln. We are commit to produce the SiC Plate, Profile Setter, SiSiC Beam, Burner, Cordierite Pressed Plate/Slab, Extruded Bats Prop and insulating bricks for all kiln systems, especially in ceramic making.

Sanitaryware Kiln Furniture Systems

What can kiln furniture service ?

  • Rich experience: We have rich experience in most different kilns, which can provide the Energy-saving materials and useful suggestions for you if you choose us.
  • Free Design: We will try best to free design the best kiln furniture for your current kiln requirements, including Equipment maintenance and Assembling.
  • Shipping date: 1) For conventional products: the lead time is 20-30 days.
    2) For 1st cutting: The lead time is 30-45days, including the mold making time.
  • Quality Control: Choose the suitable molds and the best raw materials, Control the strict firing curve and inspection one by one., Offer the timely and targeted after sales service.
tableware Kiln furniture Systems

What kiln refractories we are producing ?

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Engineers can solve out your confusion,whose is an professional with 15 years experience

1,One station service for Silicon-Carbide (SiSiC/SiC) and cordierite-Mullite.
2,Delivery time will be fast (25-35days) for regular products,cause our production line have good plan to stock up.
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reaction bonded silicon carbide
Cordierite Mullite
silicon carbide materials

Where our refractories used for ?

daily ceramics, tableware industry

Tableware Industry

Heavy Clay Industry, building ceramics, architectural pottery

 Heavy Clay Industry

bathroom, sanitary ware industry

Sanitaryware Industry

electrical insulator, electrical porcelain, electrical ceramics

Insulator Cermaic

powder metallurgy

Powder Metallurgy

kiln construction, ceramic kiln wall and roofing

Kiln Construction